1929 Studebaker

The River Edge Cultural Center, a not-for-profit Museum/Cultural Center was founded in 1995 by a small group of dedicated workers. Since then the Center has provided River Edge, as well as Bergen County, with 15 to 20 FREE programs yearly.

The Center has sponsored Summer Concerts under the Stars, West Point Concerts, Art Exhibits, Historical Displays, Children's Art Classes, Traveling Exhibits, Students Art Exhibitions, Hands-on Workshops, Culinary Classes, Multi-Cultural Events, to name a few. We have also worked with our library to bring concerts and and lectures to our community. The Center has provided family programming as well as several original, interactive Murder Mysteries. We are a local resource for River Edge history - one that span over 300 years, and have also partnered with our local schools.


As we move forward, we continue to follow our mission:

"To foster an appreciation of the Arts, provide knowledge of the past, a vision of the future and to promote cultural awareness in the community".

All monies raised by this event are utilized towards outdoor summer concerts, art exhibits and cultural programming. What sets us apart is our venue...tree-lined, well-shaded Continental Avenue.